Worldly Pleasures and God

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Abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul. 1 Peter 2:11.

The children of this world earnestly and solely follow the joys and pleasures of this life. The children of God however should avoid, with all diligence and caution, the many snares and temptations worldly pleasures bring. These worldly pleasures are designed by satan to draw you from God and from focusing on Him.

If you, O Christian, dedicate your valuable time and resources to sports, pastimes, social media and recreations which do not in some way work to the glory of God, be careful. Keep your thoughts inward by elevating your heart to God at all times and do not be led astray or taken over by these outward earthly endeavors; so you never lose the quickening of God’s divine presence in whatever your activity. Because when you are faithful and diligent in this precaution, satan and the world with all its vanities shall not hurt or deceive you and lead you astray.

This was queen Esther's case, who, though outwardly clothed with royal ornaments, yet was inwardly clothed with profound humility. Thus David, in the midst of his glory and riches, had nevertheless, humble thoughts of himself.  2  Sam. 6:22.  And Joseph, in his master’s house, which was full of luxury, yet preserved a chaste heart.  Gen. 39:9.  This is that true fear of God which keeps his faithful servants from the world and all its vanities, that they lose not their inward focus and Godly conscience.

This "fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." Ps. 111:10. He that is endued with it will not turn himself to the world and be lost in it, but go instead from the world to God seeking contentment, joy, and peace in Him instead of what this world offers. This, in short, is the fruit of true contrition; to turn us away from all things which are not God, or do not tend to glorify Him. If we are inwardly conscious that we have neglected this necessary frame of mind, and have been immersed in the vanities of the world, let the remainder of our lives be spent in regretting and learning from our past transgressions, and in forsaking and guarding against every approach towards them again. If we do this, God will not remember how great sinners we have been, but will rejoice at our repentance. He will not regard our former iniquities, but our present faith and earnest desires of serving Him more faithfully than we have done in the past.

God, our Heavenly Father, so earnestly desires our salvation and attention. Yet, too many people, turn from Him to the world and unknowingly force Him out of their hearts and lives while being caught up in this world and all it’s vanities, despite all His gracious endeavors to reach us.

Therefore it is necessary that every man should die to the world and live for God; whence it appears that the major part of mankind are at enmity with God and following their own ways and desires. The noblest exercise of Christian duty is, namely, dying to the world, in prosperity and adversity, in silence and hope, secretly and inwardly, without the least murmur or complaint. They who fret, repine, or complain, discover plainly that they are unwilling to die to self and the world, and that they have but little of the divine light in their souls. God cannot live in the soul which is not dead to the world; for the more we live after the lusts thereof, the less we live for God and His holy will. On the other hand, the less we live for the flesh, the more we live for God.

Let this, then, be our goal, that we would live in the Spirit and die to the flesh. Rom. 8:13.

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